Contest Service Point

Avel Yachting is an official service point for Contest Yachts in Mediterranean. After Turkey, France and Spain, Montenegro has been choosen to become forth official service point in Med. Why Montenegro?


Contest service point Avel Yachting

1.    Excellent geographical position: Montenegro belongs to the Western Balkan region, located on the Adriatic Sea between Croatia, Italy and Greece. The new service will be located in Tivat, where the rapidly evolving new luxury marina Porto Montenegro is located.
2.   The presence of the official dealer for Contest Yachts - Avel Yachting. Contest Yachts is a leading Dutch shipyard with very high standards, so they have exceptional conditions when it comes to service: Our thoughts on the matter coincide.

Contest service point Adriatic Sea Avel YachtingOur technicians attended several seminars at the Contest shipyard and gained all the necessary technical knowledge about Contest yachts. All owners of Contest yachts will be able to turn to us when they are in our region for any kind of help and support. This new step in the relationship with the client has been mentioned in the 2012 issue of Context, this glossy magazine yearly published by Contest Yachts.



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