Season Preparation

Avel Yachting season prparation travelift montenegroBefore starting a new sailing season, your boat needs to get a special treat in order to offer the best of performances whilst sailing. 

We do all of the following for you according to the needs of your yacht:
- get your yacht out of the water
- clean her
- apply gel coat (if necessary)
- apply anti-fouling
- polish your boat

Of course, we have several packages, pick the one that best matches the needs of your yacht:


Avel Yachting season preparation- Basic pack
lift-up / wash / sandpaper / anti-fouling / zinc anodes

- Extra-care pack 
Basic pack + transfer / basic gel coat repairs / teak cleaning / steel polishing

- Like-new pack 
Extra-care pack + hull primer / engine service / rig check / winch service / interior cleaning

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