Avel Yachting equipment extensive offerAs a company fully integrated in the boating business we are also offering a wide range of spare parts.

The companies we are working with are Raymarine, Simrad, Foruno, Harken, Lewmar, Z-spar, Spin-lock, Jabsco, Motomarin, Plastimo and many others. If we cannot provide the spare part on the spot we can order it for you and have it in 7 working days in Montenegro. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the equipment we can get for your yacht.


armare_marine_ropesItaly-made marine ropes:
- Mooring lines for super yachts to tiny cruisers
- Racing and cruising lines for sail boats
- All-use lines for every boat 

Marlowes ropes

Marlow’s leisure marine division produces ropes for Grand Prix Racers, Cruisers, Superyachts, Classic Boats and Dinghies. Each range demands very specific ropes. Marlow aims to match and exceed the requirements of every sailor with continuous R&D from our technical department and relationships with the fastest, largest and most high tech yachts and dinghies in the world. 


Dometic logo montenegro

Air conditioning systems
Having the right air conditioning system in your boat certainly makes your trip more pleasant during the hot summer days. Dometic air conditioning systems are exactly what you need for enjoying ideal temperatures in your boating environment all year round. Two models, MCS 5 and MCS 15 are self-contained air conditioning systems mounted on a single chassis to save space and cost for smaller yachts. This is the ideal retrofit solution for smaller yachts and boats.  


Avel Yachting water makers montenegro

Water makers

The Dessalator machines, of innovative design and with conservative ratings, are designed to supply fresh water on board on a 24 hour basis. Their working principle is that water is forced by high pressure through membranes, which are molecular filters. They allow only pure water to pass, and the salty elements are returned to the sea. We use high-pressure pumps with ceramic piston. An accumulator stores energy peaks and assures a smooth and stable working pressure. This provides long life for the membranes, as they are sensitive to pressure changes.


Avel Yachting generators montenegro fischer pandaGenerators
Fischer Panda fresh water-cooled, asynchronous marine diesel generators are smaller lighter, quieter and more fuel-efficient than the conventional synchronous generators. Synchronous generators generally use air to cool the stator and rotor windings. Fischer Panda Generators uses a 100% fresh water-cooled asynchronous stator winding and a magnetic rotor that has no windings, brushes or diodes. This unique fresh water-cooled design cools the stator with almost 100% efficiency, resulting in consistent power output. With the asynchronous designed generator end, we have fewer moving parts, which reduce the number of components that need to be maintained.

Jabsco pumps montenegro Avel YachtingPumps
Since boat pumps are continually loaded during owner's stay on board, this often leads to the failure of the pumps, which at one point can make the owner's life on board miserable. We are here to offer you pump service, if service is possible and to offer you a secondary solution to your problem, until spare part for the pump is secured or a new pump is delivered.

Teak Avel Yachting montenegroTeak
Seacork is a superior, eco-friendly, slip-resistant and lightweight deck covering material, with excellent inherent strength, acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Its natural look and versatility make Seacork® the perfect choice for your marine application.
Seacork® can be installed on any vessel, GRP, Composite, Steel, Aluminium, Ferro-cement or Wood. The ease of installation, utilising weatherproof polyurethane adhesive ensures that the long lasting benefits of your SEACORK deck will be retained year upon year.




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