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Keeping your sails in top shape year after year is not an easy job: they have to be washed down, dried, removed, properly folded, and then stored in a dry place, away from the rain, dew, humid air, etc.

These packages are adapted for:
- Private boats whose owners do not have the technical knowledge (or the wish) to deal with their yachts' sails on their own
- Crewed boats whose crew is not qualified to deal with sails

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Avel Yachting offers several packages of sail loft that can help extend the life of your sails, and keep them in perfect state as much as possible. The packages that you can choose from according to your needs are:

  • Dry storage pack
  • Remove-n-store pack
  • Wash-n-store pack
  • A to Z pack 

North sails montenegroSail service

If you need a technical inspection of your sail, unsure what has to be fixed and what can still hold, we do this for you. Our technicians are qualified to spot the damage, quote the repairs and perform the service of your upwind sails, downwind sails, biminis, sprayhoods and all kinds of covers.


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